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The male Eastern Spinebill has gray-brown upperparts; black head; brownish-red nape; whte throat with reddish patch. Female is smaller and duller.

Chats tend to erupt and breed after after rains. The Gilbert's Honeyeater has olive-green upperparts; white underparts, arc above eye, crest on nape. Female similar but paler.

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It makes sense for world birders to specially seek them out as a distinctive group, even if australina longer a family. The Yellow-tufted Honeyeater has olive-green upperparts; more olive-yellow underparts; yellow crown, throat; black mask; yellow ear-coverts. Given the arboreal habitats of the vast majority of honeyeaters, the terrestrial chats are, indeed, quite different birds.

White-fronted Chat inhabits heathland and pasture but, like all the chats, feeds primarily on the ground. Driskell, A. The male Eastern Spinebill has gray-brown upperparts; black head; brownish-red nape; whte throat with reddish patch. Thus the breeding range of some species, such as Crimson Chat, can be wildly different year-to-year. The Strong-billed Honeyeater has olive-brown upperparts; pale gray underparts; black head, chin; white crescent shape patch on nape; white throat.

A Field Guide to the Birds of Australia, austfalian 5th ed. Press, Princeton, N.

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Although brush-tipped tongues could be an example of australiam evolution, it is often cited as evidence for their relationship with honeyeaters. Female has brown upperparts; white underparts; dark breast-band. The male New Zealand Bellbird has mainly olive-green plumage; dark purple sheen on head; black outer wing and tail. Press, New Haven, CT.

Crimson Chat

The New Holland Honeyeater has mainly black upperparts; yellow margins on wing and tail feathers. Female is smaller and duller. The Black-headed Honeyeater has olive-green upperparts; black head. These are mostly birds of the dry interior of Australia, although some inhabit coastal lagoons. Sibley, Santa Rosa, CA. Female has brown upperparts, gray-white chin; whitish breast streaked and spotted dark brown; white underparts. The Black-chineed Honeyeater has olive-brown upperparts; pale underparts; black head, nape; yellowish arc above eye; white stripe at back of head.

It stands upright on rocks, like a wheatear, but wags its tail like a pipit. Christidis, L.

Australian chats

Reader's Digest Complete Birds of Australia. The Bell Miner austrqlian mainly olive-green plumage; darker on wings; yellower on underparts; orange legs; red-orange bare-spot behind eyes; black lores; yellow patch in front of eyes.

Australian chats

Female similar but more brown around throat, face, neck; over all duller. Union, Melbourne Univ. This may be the reason its breeding range is less volatile year in and year out. The Eungella Honeyeater is endemic to the Eungella range and tends to move out from rainforest to the drier open woodland in the winter months. Female has mottled gray-brown upperparts; pale fawny-yellow underparts.

The Yellow-faced Honeyeater has grayish-brown to olive-brown upperparts; pale grayish-brown chin, throat, breast; light gray belly; Housewives want hot sex Mooreville eye-line with black upper and lower borders. The male Black Honeyeather has black and white plumage; female has speckled brown plumage.

The Tawny-breasted Honeyeater has mainly dark brown upperparts with olive-green tinge.

Charles G. Tanager Books, Dover, N.

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Its sister group is uncertain, but Ramsayornis honeaters e. Dickinson, E. Birds of the World, on diskette, Windows version 2. Apparently, the Handbook of the Birds of the World HBW project austraoian continue to elevate the group to family status, despite the new evidence, to emphasize their uniqueness and because changes in phylogeny have been taking place so rapidly that a long-planned series like HBW cannot keep australiam, in practical terms. All the Australian chats are arid adapted species and therefore nomadic to some degree.

In the breeding season some species e. Blakers, M. Females are paler. Literature cited : Blakers, M.

Australian chats

The Kadavu Honeyeater has grayish-green upperparts; yellowish-green bare eye patch. Female a duller olive-brown; yellowish-white curves from base of bill to below eye.

Australian chats

In more traditional taxonomies e. Press, Carlton, Victoria. A Field Guide to the Birds of Australia, 1st ed. The New Holland Honeyeater has mainly black upperparts; yellow margins on wing and tail feathers; white facial tufts; black and white streaked underparts. The Tui has a brown back, flanks; multicolored iridescent sheen; white bell on throat. Orange Chat may be the most tolerant of desiccation Blakers et al.

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