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Lindsay Clandfield and Duncan Foord are teachers, trainers and authors based in Spain.

Get a small group together of interested colleagues, say three or four, and set yourself a time limit, say 5 minutes.

Some staff rooms are a nest of discontent, with teachers not talking to each other, or simply moaning about the students. What are you waiting for? What is a staffroom for? Here are some suggestions on how teeachers do it. What about a tly chosen radio station, or asking people to submit a weekly play list or disc that can be background music?

English Language Teaching

That there are a lot of resources? Subscribing to teaching journals such as English Teaching Professional, ELTJ and the Teacher Trainer will make your staffroom a more interesting place to be from a professional point of view. Teachers can write comments on a Post Its and stick it on the notice board for others to read. Teacgers staffrooms are great for socialising, but are prone to being dominated by cliques.

The Rubber Room

The best way to transform a staffroom is for you to take small initiatives independently and then hope that others follow your lead. The best way to get your colleagues to use this kind of resource is to create a good reason to log in. How effectively does the staff room function in each role? Here are two ideas for short activities to do with colleagues which can help redirect negative energy and encourage bonding.

Want Nsa Cock Teachers room

A What sounds does the room usually contain? If so, what kind?

See details. Can you think of any improvements?

Teachers room

Or is she talking about her relationship with colleagues and management? Puzzle challenge : trachers a quick crossword or sudoko from the newspaper on the wall or notice board. What do you think she means?

Deing a well thought out learning environment for all team members, including teachers, will boost productivity, so please do not leave the teacher’s lounge room at the end of your list.

That the students are friendly and work hard? our free mailing list.

Would you like to receive publication updates from HLT? Here are some questions to help you: V Does the room need tidying up?

Big Grande Teachers' Lounge

You could keep roim score on a piece of paper of how many times you hear positive, neutral and negative statements. Are there any flowers or plants? Many teachers are familiar with the VAKOG model and aim to prepare lessons which cater to students with visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory smell and gustatory taste learning styles. One diagnostic activity you can do is to listen to teachers and notice the kind of conversations they have. Please check the Expert Teacher course at Pilgrims website.

Given that relations among staff in a school are a key aspect of its success, why not take teachees break from humanising your classroom and take a look at humanising your staff room instead?

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The traralgon gloryhole of food and drink is crucial O and G — olfactory and gustatory. We believe that staff rooms require the same sort of attention. If your staff room is drab, think about how you can improve it. Here are some questions to help you:.

Which of these seven teaxhers apply to your staffroom? V Does the room need tidying up? They can also help bring people out of their familiar cliques as they find a common interest with people outside their in-groups. In a documentary on British TV recently, psychologists demonstrated that people are likely to feel more positive towards others with a warm drink in their teachegs, than a cold one. Is that a fair description of you and your colleagues at break time?

Stay Out of the “Teachers' Lounge”

This information is shared with social media, sponsorship, analytics, and other vendors or service providers. Sharing is best when started from the bottom up, rather than imposed from above. Introduction What is a staffroom for? Some of these ideas may require consultation with colleagues or school management but most can be done by you on your own. K Is there space to move around, to stand as well as sit?

Teachers room

A quick experiment. Would background music be an improvement? Some staff rooms are always buzzing with activity and good conversation, with teachers exchanging ideas for the next class or the next weekend.

Teachers room

When you bring in some food this not only raises spirits, it also helps build relationships. Other staffrooms are horrible, poky little rooms where nobody goes or wants to go.

The Rubber Room

You can adjust your cookie choices in those tools at any time. Lindsay Clandfield and Duncan Foord are teachers, trainers and authors based in Spain. Reading and comparing lists as they appear will help create rapport and humour. E-mail: lclandfield yahoo.

Repeat the activity daily or weekly. Lindsay and Duncan have survived staffrooms in more than six different countries.

Teachers room

The random appearance of cakes, biscuits, fruit if you are more health conscious can also be a bonding thing. Are teaching resources well displayed and easy to access? If you find you are in fact a community of moaners it can teachets quite liberating and funny to be made aware of this! Colleagues appreciate the gesture and the food can become a focus of conversation … and of course teachers are often very romo

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